Bulletproof Coffee Is the Next Mainstream Diet Trend


Bulletproof coffee means putting a lump of butter, or some coconut oil for good measure, into your morning cup of Joe.

According to acolytes of the drink, it is not only delicious but ‘brain food’ that keeps you fuller for longer.

It’s so popular that The New York Times called butter coffee enthusiasts a “cult”.

The creation comes from a health entrepreneur Dave Asprey, who has labelled it Bulletpoof coffee. He created the drink after drinking yak butter tea while hiking in Tibet in 2004. He claims that his creation suppresses hunger, helps the brain be more alert and assists with weight loss.

There are strict rules around how Bulletproof coffee is made, i.e. you can’t stick any butter into a cup of International Roast.

According to the guidelines set by Dave Asprey, the coffee beans must be low-toxin beans, the butter must be unsalted and grass-fed and the oil must be MCT.

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