Can You Survive On Emoji Diet?


Food emojis come in handy whenever we want to text someone a pixilated birthday cake, for example. So, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to make an emoji diet.

Kelsey Rexroat, a journalist from The Atlantic, decided to see if she could live on a diet based on the almost 60 foods represented in emoji, picture format.

For a week, Rexroat only ate food items represented in pictures. They include fruit, vegetables, meats, sushi, pasta, rice, breakfast food, desserts, soups, and snacks.

As part of the challenge, she also had to eat every food represented by the emoji by the end of the week. Also included were drinks like milk, coffee, tea, and of course mixed drink cocktails, wine, and beer.

“The emoji diet has had me eating more seafood and fresh fruit, which I welcome as healthy additions. This diet is essentially the opposite of Atkins. Of the 59 food emoji, eight incorporate rice, and 11 are desserts.

One manages to be both — the colored balls on a stick are dango, sweet dumplings made from rice flour and often filled with red bean paste.”

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