Celebrity Diets To Avoid In 2020


We’ve all done this. Come on, admit it.

We’ve all at one time or another heard about a smoking celebrity going on some crazy diet and losing a bunch of weight and immediately tried to figure out precisely what the diet is in order to spend the next several weeks in pure agony trying to follow it.

According to consultant dietitian Sian Porter, we follow celebrity diets as a result of pressure from the media. We also want to find the easiest way to lose weight so bad that we’re willing to follow any outlandish claims.

This is what she said:

“We are bombarded by this image of perfection that doesn’t exist- most celebrity images are airbrushed or edited in some way. There’s a lot of pressure about looks rather than health.

Everybody is looking for that magic bullet that’s going to give maximum results with minimum effort, but I think deep down we all know that doesn’t really exist.”

According to her:

“The whole mindset of ‘I’m going on a diet’ suggests it has a beginning and an end, and to lose weight healthily you have to make small, sustainable changes. A diet that will work is a diet that you can stick to, as long as you’re not harming your health in the process.”

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