Connection Found between Health And Reheated Pasta


You might have heard that reheated pasta is “diet-friendly,” and healthier than its freshly cooked sibling.

Based on a study on the U.K. television show “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor,” cooling and reheating pasta turned the carbohydrate into a “resistant starch.” It lowers blood glucose levels and helps the body feel fuller.

NBC nutrition editor and doctor of nutrition sciences, Madelyn Fernstromto, has revealed the truth.

“Nine people does not make a study – it’s far too small to make any evidence-based claims.”

Resistant starches aren’t exactly ‘new’.

“‘Resistant starch’ is a well-known food component, can be classified as a type of fiber. It’s found in multiple foods, including cooked pasta.”

The amount of resistant starches aren’t significant.

“While it makes ‘theoretical sense’ that cooked pasta might boost weight loss because it has more resistant starch, when translated to reality, it is highly unlikely to boost a weight loss effort as a standalone.”The amount of resistant starch produced in a cup of cooked pasta is about 2 grams – roughly the fiber in half an apple. Hardly a powerhouse effect.”

Reheated pasta will have the same calories as regular pasta.

“One cup of pasta – cooked or reheated -still has about 200 calories. Limit your serving to 1 cup – and count your total calories. There’s no magical weight loss properties to cooked pastas.”..

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