Don’t Forget To Eat Your Veggies!


It seems that Americans are not even close to eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, according to a new government report. Everyone would be healthier if they started eating more vegetables, but still nobody is willing to follow the very simple guidelines – all people should consume two cups of fruit every day and three cups of vegetables.

It’s absurd, fruits and veggies are good for you! People who eat just five servings of fruits and vegetables a day lower their risk of getting diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even cancer. People who eat seven or more are 42 percent less likely to die from any of the above-mentioned causes (and other ones, as well) over the next eight years.

But Americans just don’t seem to get it. Overall, 13.1 percent of respondents meet the daily fruit intake recommendations. And don’t even get us started with the vegetables. The main reason why people don’t eat them is that they are “difficult to manage.” You have to peel them, cut them, wash them, they don’t fill you as junk food does. We’re sorry, but this just sounds like a barrel of dumb excuses. Eat your veggies, people!

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