Everyone Is Shaming Amanda Chantel Bacon But For The Wrong Reasons


A few days ago, Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned Amanda Chantel Bacon and Moon Juice in an interview for Goop. This attracted the public’s attention and they started checking up on Amanda and her business, discovering an article from Elle in which she shared her everyday diet. Shaming comments ensued.

A man called Jarrett Sleeper (people tell me he is internet famous) even made a short video in which he read the said article out loud with the figures of how much everything costs rolling on the right side of the screen, totaling to upwards of a thousand dollars. It is a sort-of-funny video (if you like that type of thing) which resulted in even more interest in Amanda Chantel Bacon.

Moreover, it resulted in further attacks coming from all over the place (by place we mean the internet, of course), aimed at Amanda, her Moon Juice business and pretty much every aspect of her life and work. As far as we can say, these attacks missed what was really important in the whole story.

But, let’s start from the beginning, as this is usually the best way to do things.

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the founder and owner of Moon Juice, a shop of sorts which sells all kinds of concoctions, from juices to powders, various natural ingredients, their combinations and everything else you can think of. But we will get to the shop a bit later.

Amanda herself seems like a cool lady, a successful entrepreneur who has turned her passion for a healthy lifestyle into a career but who is still very much in touch with nature, different ways to live a healthier life and so on. She is also a major hippie, in the strictest sense of the word (well, apart from the fact that she’s super into capitalism).

shutterstock_296799968Checking out her Instagram and other social media, she really seems genuinely into it. And people shame her for that. There is nothing wrong with being a hippie and believing in all that stuff. It is a lifestyle just like anything else. If you believe in the energy of the universe, moon maidens and things like that, that is your prerogative. No one should shame anyone else for any lifestyle choice that they make. It is their choice. It is Amanda Chantal Bacon’s choice.

People are also shaming her because she is rich and because her diet would cost an arm and a leg to do every day. As far as we know, being rich is still legal and one might say an aspiration for most people in this country. Not everyone is a destitute blogger whom the world doesn’t understand. Some people get off their butts, put it all on the line and make it in the business world. Amanda Chantal Bacon is business-savvy and no one should shame her for having more money than the average person.

We will not even get into the comments that people made about her son Rohan and stuff like that. It is just ridiculous, callous, sinister and unnecessary. Yes, we understand it is the internet, but there is no need for us to dignify such characters with our comments.

One thing that somehow doesn’t get talked about, or at least we didn’t find a lot about, is the fact that Amanda Chantal Bacon is selling snake oil.

This is not an opinion. This is not a theory. This is a fact.

Amanda Chantal Bacon is swindling people in the exact same way that people who sell herbal penis pills do.

In the absolute same way. Only with celebrity endorsement.

Just ask anyone who has the slightest idea of how human bodies work, what chemistry and biology are all about. Ask any doctor or scientist with actual, real knowledge about human nutrition and natural products like the ones sold at Moon Juice and you will hear the same thing – this stuff does not work.

The problem is not that Amanda is describing her products with words like, “alchemized with calming herbs to gently and effectively lull you into your naturally inherent nocturnal rhythms”. The problem is that she is scamming people out of their money.

The problem with the Elle article was not her wording, the esoteric nature of the foods she reportedly ate and drank, or even that all this stuff cost so much money. The problem was that she was given another platform to flog her snake oil products in the first place.

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