Everyone Wants To Know Why This Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt In The Sun


Have you ever seen an ice cream that doesn’t fully melt in the scorching sun? No? Neither have we, and honestly, we don’t really want to.

But that’s exactly the case with the Great Value ice cream sandwiches. This shocking discovery was made when a local Cincinnati mom named Christie Watson noticed that a Great Value ice cream her son left on the pation table hadn’t fully melted – despite the fact that it had been out for a whooping 12 hours. Watson then left a second sandwitch out overnight, and the exact same thing happened.

Naturally, some people were outraged. The most common response was “What are we feeding our children?” whereas we’d add a slight emphasis and say “What in the nine hells are we buying at local grocery stores?” An experiment was conducted by WCPO – they put a third Walmart sandwich next to two different ones and left them all to melt in the sun. Of course, the other two melted completely, while the Great Value showed its true value.

What else to say other than that’s pretty damn disgusting, and even somewhat frightening.

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