Exercise Won’t Help Your Weight Loss

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A group of cardiologists from Great Britain believe that it is high time to debunk the myth that regular exercise alone is enough to make you lose weight.

They have come forward with an editorial in a publication called British Journal of Sports Medicine in which they state that no amount of exercise can make up for a bad diet. They do acknowledge that regular exercise will reduce the risk of developing an array of health conditions and issues such as type 2 diabetes, dementia and various heart diseases. However, when it comes to weight loss, you will also need to modify your diet.

According to the leading organization concerned with the health of the world population, the World Health Organization, the percentage of obese people has doubled since the year 1980, meaning that today, 600 million people are categorized as obese, meaning that their Body Mass Index is 30 or over.

The team of cardiologists claim that one of the reasons so many people are gaining weight is the “unhelpful message” that obesity only occurs as a result of inactivity. They believe that the message is spread quite forcefully by the food industry that wants to avert the public’s eye from their business by doing this.

In the editorial, you can read the following:

“The tobacco industry successfully stalled government intervention for 50 years. This sabotage was achieved using a ‘corporate playbook’ of denial, doubt, confusing the public and even buying the loyalty of bent scientists, at the cost of millions of lives.”

They are now worried that the food industry might be doing exactly the same.

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