Feeling Tired – Could Your Diet Be To Blame?


People are spending more and more time working and commuting, and this can all be very exhausting. However, before you blame your boss for your fatigue, take a good look at your diet, as it may be the main culprit.

Artificial stimulants
Artificial stimulants, especially coffee and energy drinks, can bring your energy and concentration levels up. Remember that it’s only temporary – the “down” from these can leave you worse than you were before.

Processed food
If the majority of your diet is comprised of processed food, it’s no wonder you feel tired all the time. Your body simply needs fresh food to perform optimally and reduce excess fatigue levels.

Iron is essential to staying alert and energetic during the day, as the red blood cells absolutely need it to transfer oxygen throughout your body. Liver, oysters, pumpkin seeds, beans, and cooked spinach are all fantastic sources of iron.

Carbs in your diet are a must have. Although too many leads to weight gain, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body, and without enough energy you are bound to feel sleepy throughout the day.

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