Fight High Cholesterol With Your Diet, Not With Drugs


When faced with a serious health risk such as high cholesterol, most Americans are inclined to take medication rather than change their lifestyle and adopt a new, healthier one. Because of this, many people with high cholesterol and high blood pressure continue to indulge in processed foods rich in saturated fat, trusting a pill with their health and disregarding their obesity.

Dr. Phillip Greenland of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine says that it is imperative people keep their weight under control and stick to a regular exercise regimen.

Of course, it is far simpler to swallow a pill once a day than to completely alter your eating habits and overall lifestyle. However, experts are saying that in order to maximize the effect of the drug, changes in diet and exercise habits are required anyway. Drugs should be a last resort, after lifestyle changes fail to safely lower your cholesterol levels and you have no other choice than to turn to medication.

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