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Not all snacks have to be bad for you, though it can feel like they are sometimes with the prevalence of chips and candy bars everywhere. There is a number of ways to replace these greasy snacks with ones that are genuinely good for you and keep hunger at bay longer. And then, there are some super-combinations with which you can eat healthy while burning fat and staying strong. Here are some snack solutions with superpowers.

We’ll start off with beverages that are just as fulfilling as hard food, and they appear in combinations in which you never actually thought of. A Spicy Green Tea Smoothie – made of green tea, cayenne pepper, lemon, agave nectar, pear and fat-free plain yogurt – will boost your metabolism and help it burn fat quicker, not to mention that it is delicious and easy on your stomach. You can also add some protein as a side to this smoothie, like some cooked or smoked chicken.

If you want something quick, savory and you just happen to love avocado, then there is a combo for you that is perfect. As you know, avocado is one of the super fruits, pair it with low fat (preferably 1%) cottage cheese and that’s about two hundred calories, and these calories are actually good for you. If you are feeling especially lazy, you can simply remove the pit from one half of the avocado, fill it with cottage cheese and munch away.

Speaking of fruit and cheese, there is another mix that you can try when you’re hungry and feel like something sweet. Warm pears with ricotta and cinnamon can be a real treat because they are easy to prepare and they taste simply divine, if you like cinnamon, of course. The process is fairly simple – once you broil your pears, combine ricotta and cinnamon, put it on your warm fruit and enjoy the creaminess and the taste that will satiate both your hunger and your sweet tooth.

Pita bread might not be a superfood, but it is good for you, and if you work long hours and need a more substantial snack throughout the day, then chicken pita sandwiches are a good choice. These are very easy to make, all you need to do is get some cooked chicken, combine it with some tomato, bell pepper or any veggie that comes to mind really, sprinkle it all with some vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar and you get a great interim meal that will save you from falling off the wagon and caving into ordering some fast food. Preparation is everything when you’re optimizing the way you eat, so do your best to always have a healthy snack in your bag.

Asparagus and boiled eggs go very well together, and they are actually fit in quite well when it comes to fiber-protein balance. If you make this combo your snack, you can eat ten to fifteen asparagus spears with a boiled egg, and your calorie intake will be just above hundred and twenty calories, which is great for a healthy, yet hearty snack. It will keep your stomach busy, your palate happy and your calorie number in check.

If you are craving seafood, but haven’t really got the time (or money) to go to a restaurant, there is an easy way to solve this. Canned tuna is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein of course. Pair the tuna with whole-wheat crackers, and you get a good snack that you can even consider a meal, just don’t overdo it. About three ounces of tuna and six crackers will amount to two hundred calories or less, and if you feel you are craving something veggie, feel free to add some spring onion or edamame. Just remember to get the tuna that is packaged in water, not oil!

While we are on the topic of seafood, another bullseye snack are shrimp with some yoghurt and chopped avocado. The best way to go about this is to always have some precooked shrimp in your fridge, so that you can whip them up with some low calorie dip and take them with you wherever you go. This is a very tasty and rich snack made for all those seafood lovers out there.

All these snacks prove that eating mindfully doesn’t mean denying yourself good food, on the contrary. As long as you know what the good choices are, you can eat well and enjoy yourself while you do it.

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