Here’s What Happens When You Cut Down On Coke


People who drink a lot of Coke tend to forget what Coke actually is. It’s normal to assume that any type of soda contains sugar; regular Coke is, on the other hand, like a barrel packed with the sweet substance.

You wouldn’t believe how much sugar and how many calories you consume when you drink a liter of Coke – a standard 12-ounce can of the famous drink contains 39 grams of sugar. That’s about nine spoons of sugar, and already 2 grams more than the amount of sugar a grown man needs per day (women need somewhat less, about 25 grams per day). Not to mention that it amounts to over a hundred calories per can.

And that’s just one can! A 1 liter bottle has about 110 grams of sugar, so if you drink a bottle a day, you will soon be faced with some nasty digestive issues and possibly even more serious problems like diabetes and a whole list of other illnesses you don’t even want to read about, let alone deal with.

So, if you’re drinking Coke every day and are willing to listen to a word of advice, hear us out – cut down on Coke ASAP. Not only will you be taking in fewer calories, but you will also reduce your risk of many health risks. Your skin will improve, your looks will improve, your health will improve and you will feel the benefits relatively soon.

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