Mothers, Stop Eating For Two And Save Your Babies From Obesity


Many of us aren’t aware of the effect obesity has on children while they are in the womb. Often the ideas we have surrounding this issue are heavy misconceptions that completely miss the mark.

Recently, health experts have been thinking more and more about inventing a new approach to battling this issue and preventing giving birth to children that are overweight.

Did you know that childhood obesity is linked to developing diabetes and heart disease? Currently, the level of obese children stands at 30% across the country and it doesn’t seem like those numbers are going to go down in the near future.

Experts maintain that there is a link between obese mothers and obese children. If mothers control their weight during pregnancy they can prevent giving birth to obese children.

Here’s what Tamara, from Windsor had to say about the issue:

“I put on five stone during my pregnancy. I didn’t know any better and no one advised me not to. My son, who was heavy even when he was only a few weeks old, is now very chunky and I have to take considerable care about what he eats.”

“The fact I was overweight during that pregnancy is not the only reason for him being overweight, of course, but it was very likely a factor. That is why I am taking greater care during my second pregnancy. I have gone to a slimming club and have continued going to the gym until very recently. Young mothers need to be advised about this sort of thing, but that is not happening.”

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