New Research Shows Importance Of Pregnancy Diets


Research tells us that eating healthy before and during pregnancy may be able to greatly reduce the risk of the baby having heart problems. Apparently, 19,000 women in the US were asked to explain their diets in the year during their pregnancy. Normally, the women with healthier diets had a lower chance of their babies developing certain heart defects.

Healthy diets were the ones that included plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and fish – some experts even agree on taking folic acid for spina bifida, and Vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones. Pregnant women in the top quarter of diet quality reduced the risk of their baby developing heart problems like atrial septal defect and Tetralogy of Fallot. What’s a bit surprising is that these effects took place even with mothers who were smokers.

Here’s what Victoria Taylor, the senior dietitian at the BHF, said:

“This is an interesting study which highlights the importance of diet right from the start of life.”

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