Quitting Coffee – 15 Coffee Substitute Drinks


Coffee is one of the most common hot beverages consumed nowadays. Starbucks, the most popular coffee chain in the world alone, has over 20,800 shops around the world. That says a lot about how engrained coffee is in our system.

However, coffee does have its negative effects, especially for people who have diabetes, heart disease or low resistance to caffeine. If you are one of these people, fret not!

There are some healthy and delicious alternatives for coffee.

1. Chicory Root

Chicory root is the closest alternative to coffee when it comes to flavor and appearance. Its roasted aroma and deep flavor will make even coffee addicts reconsider. Chicory root is also prepared in a similar fashion to espresso coffee.

It is known for its long list of health benefits – it supports digestion, regulates sugar levels, detoxifies your blood, is full of antioxidants and unlike coffee, it reduces the heart rate.

2. Hot Chocolate

If you drink coffee for the warm and fuzzy comfort it gives you, hot chocolate is probably the best alternative for that. Iced chocolate is also a great alternative to iced coffee for hot sunny days.

The best part about milk and chocolate-based drinks is it keeps you warm inside minus the jolt that usually comes with coffee.

3. Cafix

Cafix is another great coffee replacement. It is a mix of barley, chicory, figs and beet-root, making it taste not only unique but rather refreshing. Cafix is also healthy as it is low on sugar, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

4. Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend is primarily made of dandelion root. Many people can vouch for its taste. It’s a good alternative for instant coffee, particularly for people who are allergic to gluten or just want to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Dandy Blend is acid free and does not taste bitter at all. It’s best served with almond milk.

5. Water and Lemon

For people who stick to coffee for its laxative effects, warm water with lemon is the next best option. Unlike coffee, this won’t dehydrate you. Instead, it will rehydrate and alkalize your body.

Plus it’s easy to prepare: just squeeze one lemon in your cup of warm water or even cold water if you prefer and let this wonderful mixture flush out the toxins in your body.

6. Herbal Coffee

A pretty much self-explanatory drink that uses various herbs instead of coffee, so there’s no Caffeine in it.

Plants and roots used in this coffee can be mixed in such a way that the taste of the herbal coffee is similar to real, regular coffee. Still, it would be better if you liked it on its own merits as it can provide you with vitamins and many other useful substances.

7. Siberian Ginseng

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, Ginseng tea is just the thing you need in the morning.

Known for its ability to lower the risk of cancer, this amazing plant is also a natural anti-depressant, just the thing you need when quitting coffee.

8. Green Tea

We believe that you are all aware of the many health benefits of Green Tea, but it’s taste is the thing that will help you get over coffee.

Filled with antioxidants it  stimulates fat oxidation and boosts the metabolic rate so you can even lose weight if you keep drinking it.

9. Black Tea

For those of us who need a bit stronger punch in the morning, Black Tea is perfect. It even contains Caffeine, but in much smaller amounts than coffee.

Decreasing risks for  cardiovascular diseases and reducing cholesterol levels, Black tea is one of the healthiest coffee alternatives that actually contains Caffeine.

10. Chai Latte

Very popular in the United States, this spicy drink is the most popular coffee substitute on the list.

Used with milk, sugar and other additional substances it can taste pretty weird, but still tasty and delightful.

11. Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte is easily prepared so it quickly gained popularity among ex-coffee drinkers. The Matcha means  fine powder green tea.

You combine one teaspoon of it and 3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and finally add Agave syrup, and you got yourself a Matcha Latte.

12. Yerba Mate

Traditionally consumed in subtropical South America, this drink is quickly gaining support all around the world because of its health benefits.

This drink is described by its users as something better than coffee, something that can keep you awake, but if you decide that now it’s time for sleep, you will be able to make it happen, unlike coffee.

13. Decaf

Yes, we know that you’ve tried Decaf and it didn’t work, but it has to have a place in this list.

A drink especially made for those looking to replace coffee, contains much less Caffeine and sugar than the regular coffee.

14. Acorn coffee

In World War II, acorns were used to make coffee due to shortages and they proved as a worthy replacement.

The taste may be strange, but don’t be fooled there is no perfect substitute for coffee.

15. Inka

Inka is a Polish roasted grain beverage that was invented in the sixties.  It’s caffeine-free and contains a roasted mixture of rye, barley, chicory, and sugar beet.

Described as delicate, delicious cereal drink enriched with magnesium, if everything else fails, there’s always Inka.

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