Spicy Food Linked To Living Longer


The BMJ conducted a study in China that ended just recently and found out that people that consume spicy foods once or twice a week have lowered their risk of death by 10 percent. We are talking about spicy foods that get their flavor from chili peppers, but hey, it’s a start.

People who eat spicy food three to seven times a week reduced the risk by almost 15 percent, and were also at a lower risk of suffering from IHD or even cancer.

Study author Lu Qi says:

“Spicy food have been related to improved inflammation, reduced body adiposity, or improved lipid profiles.”

Moreover, spicy foods may affect gut bacteria which are important factors in various chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Qi claims that more thorough studies will have to be carried out for further clarity.

Another interesting detail is that the benefits were found more in women than men. Ladies, it seems that all those piquant dishes you ate might just have an additional positive effect.

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