Study Reveals: Chocolate May Be Good For The Heart


Chocolate has long been considered a guilty pleasure, with many people avoiding it due to its perceived bad effects on our bodies. Yet, the days of chocolate-shaming may be over! A new study was published on Monday in the Heart journal, and it suggests chocolate could actually be good for us!

The study involved almost 21,000 people, and monitored their health for about 12 years. The results were surprising! Participants who ate between 15 and 100 grams of chocolate a day had a lower risk of stroke and heart disease, even when other factors like physical activity, smoking, drinking alcohol, and the like were considered.

But that is not all, the study has more good news for us! Lower BMI, blood pressure, waist:hip ratio and reduced inflammation have all been associated with higher chocolate consumption. Amazing, right? Now it’s time to shamelessly dig into some chocolate treats and make ourselves healthy!

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