Surgery Better Than Diet For Diabetes?


If you have Type 2 diabetes, you have been probably hearing the same thing from doctors for years. They have probably been telling you that you need to diet and exercise. However, it seems that this might not be the best possible solution.

According to a recent study, getting gastric bypass surgery to slim down is probably the best thing that you can do. The trial showed that 40 percent of people who had a gastric bypass procedure done and 30 percent of people who received a gastric band were considered in remission from diabetes and no longer had to take medication three years after the procedure.

In the trail, 61 people with diabetes were randomly assigned to either receive one of these procedures or to undergo very serious lifestyle changes over a course of three years. While many who had these procedures done went into remission after three years, no one from the group that tried to beat diabetes with diet and exercise did.

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