The Benefits Of Changing Your Diet Seasonally


Fall is coming, so you will probably be using your umbrella, your raincoat and some heavier clothes much more often. Another thing you might want to add into your daily routine is finding out which fruits and vegetables go with which season – adding a bit of variety with these things tends to help a lot.

Eating seasonally is, as many health experts advise, the ultimate way of making the most of your fruit and veggie intake. Simply put, if apples are best at September, eat apples. And the explanation is simple as well: these fruits and vegetables were more likely to be grown without the aid of pesticides or some wacky genetic modifications. These chemicals diminish the nutritional value of pretty much any food on the market, and overall negatively impact your health.

Many would even argue that fruits and vegetables picked at the optimal time actually has a better taste. Author of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter, says:

“A juicy mango always tastes better in summer than other seasons.”

And not only that – think of the money you would be saving. When there’s lots of a certain fruit or veggie, the prices normally go down, because there’s a high supply and a steady demand. You could stack some serious coin if you follow what are the foods that are most popular at the moment.

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