This New Military Diet Is Extremely Effective


Obesity still remains one of the major health issues in the States, and people would really love to see a quick solution to their weight problems. Although no known method can be 100% effective for everybody, this innovative Military Diet (or three-day-diet) has shown some remarkable results.

It was originally designed for the military (hence the name) by professional nutritionists, but basically anybody can give it a shot. All you have to do is follow the strict regime of the diet, and you will lose all those extra pounds in no time.

The point of the diet is to limit your daily intake to 1000 calories for three days a week. During the other four days, you should take in about 1,500 calories. You should also make sure that you are eating foods from the selection of suggested meals for this program. You can find the list on the website Oh, and this diet encourages coffee consumption for the purpose of boosting your metabolism, which is awesome.

The diet promises everyone who can stick to the program a loss of about 10 pounds a week, which is pretty impressive. You might want to try it out if you think you can handle the pace of the diet.

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