Tomato Soup Could Save You From Prostate Cancer?

“Tomatoes ‘cut risk of prostate cancer by 20%’,” the Daily Mail reported. A new study found that men who ate 10 or more portions of tomato soup a week had a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

The study gathered a year’s dietary information from 1,806 men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 12,005 who were healthy after random prostate checks.

They found that men who ate more than 10 portions of tomatoes or tomato products, such as soup, per week have an 18% reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to men who ate less than 10.

The association is biologically plausible, because tomatoes are a rich in lycopene, a nutrient thought to protect cellsfrom damage. However, it is still not know whether it really has the ability to protect cells.

Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and stopping smoking are still the best-known way to protect oneself. It’s unlikely that focusing on only one particular food will anyhow improve your health.

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