Top 9 Benefits Of Juicing At Home


Many nutrition experts are proponents of at-home juicing for a number of reasons. Juicing is a great way to get nutrition including healthy enzymes and vitamins. In fact, as much as 95% of the vitamins that our bodies need may be found in the juice of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to the health benefits, there are other reasons why juicing at home is a great idea for many people.

1. Less Expensive

This benefit may easily be argued depending on where you live and purchase produce. However, from personal experience, ounce over ounce, juicing some fruits and vegetables provides more bang for the buck than buying ready-made, processed juices or concentrates.


2. More Healthy

Many juices on the supermarket shelves have fillers, additives, colorants and preservatives. While the label may promise Vitamin C or Calcium, many of the vital, natural ingredients may be sacrificed for ready-made convenience.


3. Aids Digestion

Even though you won’t get the same fiber from juicing that you would from eating whole fruits and vegetables, your body will digest the other rich nutrients much easier. Additionally, your digestive system will get a much needed break, and will use less energy to process the nutrients.


4. Variety

One of the best things about juicing at home is that juice creations can be customized to fit the needs and palate of your family. It’s also a great way to mask healthy ingredients that kids or adults may not like.


5. Taste

While many store bought juices are flavorful, there is perhaps nothing better than enjoying the rich, natural flavor of homemade juice. When there are no fillers, additives or preservatives, you are getting the full flavor of the fruit and vegetables. Why sacrifice nutrition and flavor for ready-made convenience?


6. Waste Not

When that orange peel starts to wrinkle or that tomato softens beyond sandwich perfection, juicing is a great way to get the benefits of the fruit or vegetable, thus saving money.


7. Compost

Most at-home juicers have a compost bin where the leftovers of the fruit and vegetables collect separate from the juice. This nutrient rich compost can easily be used in gardening compost bins, providing healthy, natural nutrition for young plants.


8. Preventing/Healing Illness

Juicing has been shown to have healing properties, largely due a boost in your immune system. Additionally, the vitamins in fresh juice are non-synthetic, so you are getting the real deal.


9. Meal Helper

Have you ever made soup and found that using a food processer left the base chunky and coarse? With a home juicer, you can make fresh vegetable bases for soups that will be smooth and taste delicious.

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