Turn Out That Low-Fat Diets Do Aid Weight Loss


The National Institutes of Health conducted a thorough analysis on people on controlled diets and their exercise routines. The test subjects were 19 obese people, who were given 2,700 calories a day in the beginning. Over a period of two weeks they were given diets with a third of the calories cut out – either by lowering the amount of carbohydrates or fat.

The results were rather one-sided; after six days on each diet, those that reduced fat intake lost about 460g of body fat. That’s 80% more than those who cut down on carbs, whose average loss was about 245g. Although one method was excessively more effective than the other, lead researcher Dr Kevin Hall still says that the best diet is the one you can stick with.

He is now analyzing brain scans of the people who underwent the testing in hopes of seeing how the diets affect how rewarding food can be.

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