Yes, You Can Eat Fast Food AND Lose Weight


People can lose weight eating at fast food restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that any menu item can be ordered.

Order Chicken

People eat at fast food restaurants because of reasonable prices and fast service. With forethought, dieters can order specific food and not pack on the pounds. For example, baked chicken on a whole wheat roll contains fewer calories and is packed with protein.

Add lettuce and tomato, minus the mayonnaise, and a low-calorie lunch will satisfy an appetite and avoid fatty condiments.


Fast Food Recommendations

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist and author of The Fast Food Diet, meets dieters in a fast food world half way by stating that it’s impossible for people to avoid fast food restaurants while on the go. Sinatra suggests that dieters choose their food wisely.

He recommends adding lunch salads and breakfast fruit dishes when ordering fast food. These healthy foods are a step in the right direction to meet dietary needs.

Fast food meals that center on chili and baked potatoes are great choices. Instead of ordering the large quarter-pound burgers, opt for the smaller slider burgers featured in many fast food menus. Plain bean burritos are better than beef burritos filled with cheese.


No Fried Foods is Best

Sinatra recommends that no fried food be included in a diet regimen. No fried food omits the unhealthy trans-fats that can pack on the pounds. Order a baked potato rather than french fries.


Watch the Dressings

Using a vinaigrette salad dressing instead of ranch will omit 130 calories. Mayonnaise and special dressings on sandwiches will add calories. Omitting these will cancel 170 calories from a baked chicken sandwich.

Ordering a seltzer with a squeeze of lemon will avoid the 370 calories in a large soda pop.


Walk Away from the Fat

Sinatra’s fast food diet plan centers on cutting 250 calories from the diet each day. Then he recommends that people walk one mile daily. Cutting back on calories and walking equals a 500 calorie reduction per day.

That equals to a loss of one pound of body weight per week. Thus, in one year, a dedicated dieter could lose 50 pounds.

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