Be Nice To Your Gut Bugs


It might not be the most appealing of thoughts, but our intestine is actually home to billions of microbes. They are collectively known as the “gut microbiota”, and these little organisms can influence our health big time.

It’s an emerging science, and studies suggest that gut bugs are linked not only to our intestinal function but also to our immune system and possibly even our mood!

What we eat can affect our gut bugs, and variety in the diet could be a key factor. A study from 2012, led by the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre in Cork looked at the diets and gut bugs of older people living in care and in the community. They found that a more varied diet was associated with a more diverse gut microbiota and better overall health.

So create a new daily menu and eat a wide variety of foods as you could be doing your hidden helpers a service.

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