Finding A Healthy Middle Ground Between Vegetarian And Standard Diets


There’s one problem with the public opinion on vegetarian diets – everybody automatically assumes that once you go vegetarian, you are incredibly more healthy than somebody who eats meat. This doesn’t have to be the case; while Venus Williams is on a strict vegetarian diet and still packing some serious punches, not everyone’s body can withstand the complete removal of meat from your everyday diet. Here’s a few simple tips on eating a healthy amount of meat:

Right portions

When you have your main meals during the day, fill three-quarters of the plate, bowl, saucer or barrel – whatever you eat out of – with vegetables and leave the rest for your protein-filled meat. You’ll still get the kick of health from the veggies and you’ll fill your need for meat. Also, vegetables make great snacks between meals.

Right timing

If you don’t feel like eating vegetables with your every meal, ok, swap three meaty meals during the week with only vegetables. Believe us (or ask an expert who will tell you the same thing), they are also packed with protein, iron, vegetables and what not.

Don’t rely only on pasta

Going vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick to bread and pasta as a replacement. Too much of either of them and you may end up with some nasty health issues. Balance is the key, just make sure you find your own perfect mixture and rhythm, and you’re good to go!

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