21 Most Common Grocery Store Mistakes


19. Getting Huge Carts

You would be surprised at the amount of psychology that goes into making people spend more when going grocery shopping. If these people applied their knowledge to curing cancer, we would have been cancer-free since the 1950. But no, they put their minds to making Average Joe leave another $1.25 at the local grocery store.

One of the most perfidious and seemingly ridiculous ways in which grocery stores make you spend more is rolling out bigger and bigger shopping carts. When you actually stop and think about this, it sounds like something out of Flintstones, but it is actually a very common strategy.

When you put stuff in a giant cart, it looks empty. Your mind starts thinking you didn’t buy enough. You buy more. You buy too much. You throw stuff out. You don’t know why you did it. You do it all again next time.

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