21 Most Common Grocery Store Mistakes


4. Shopping Starving

If aliens came to earth and you gave them a week to try and figure out the way we as a species operate, one of the conclusions that they would have reached after the 7 days have passed is that you do not go grocery shopping when hungry. You especially do not go grocery shopping when you are really hungry.

This is such a common sense thing and yet, so many people do it regularly. Be honest now. How many times have you gone shopping for food on an empty stomach? See?

When you go grocery shopping hungry, you do crazy stuff without even realizing it. A tub of fudge? I’ll take it. A 2-ton sack of potatoes? They’ll come in handy. And the worst thing is that your famished body will be craving the bad stuff, not the food you should be eating. Do not go grocery shopping hungry.

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