21 Most Common Grocery Store Mistakes


8. Buying Out-Of-Season Produce

There used to be a time when you simply could not get ahold of food that was out of season. These days, however, thanks to the advances in food growing technology, as well as the fact that our grocery stores get their food from all corners of the world, you can buy most of the stuff all year round. The only problem is that you shouldn’t.

We are not saying that anything bad will happen to you if you buy peaches in January, but you need to understand that they will need to be flown in from somewhere remote and they will be far more expensive than in June. Also, stuff is far more delicious when it’s in season.

In addition to this, when you buy stuff in-season, you are buying from local sources, which is always something that you want to do. Supporting local food suppliers is investing in your future.

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