21 Most Common Grocery Store Mistakes


6. Going For Everything “Healthy”

The food marketing industry is just humongous and a very perfidious one at that. They are the first to pick up on the new trends and new ways in which certain food items are labelled “healthy” and life-changing.

It is their livelihood and they really do not care about whether the stuff they are peddling is actually good for you. This is why you need to be smart about your “healthy” food. Not every craze is really worth the hype.

Sometimes you will end up with stuff that is not really that good for you just because there was a special on TV about how food without “X” is the only food for you. Stick to the classics and eat real food. In general, nothing that comes in an Armageddon-proof packaging is too good for you, no matter how many “X”-free labels it has on it.

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