Top 21 Most Annoying Hollywood Food Trends

Asian business woman bored with salad bowl

10. Kaniwa

Kaniwa is sometimes referred to as baby quinoa, as it is a similar and smaller version of quinoa. Often thought of as a grain, kaniwa is actually a seed that is eaten and prepared in a similar way to grain products. It has a nutty, mild, and slightly sweet taste, and its fast cooking times make it a great addition to stews, soups, and salads.

There are a variety of reasons that so many people are rushing out to try kaniwa. First, it is a great source of complete protein, and its nutritional profile is quite similar to that of quinoa. However, kaniwa has significantly more iron than quinoa.

It also differs from its cousin in that it doesn’t contain saponins, which is the irritating coating that can give the seed a soapy flavor if it is not rinsed properly. Similar to quinoa, kaniwa is gluten-free.

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