Top 21 Most Annoying Hollywood Food Trends


4. Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is sometimes referred to as raw chocolate, and it is part of a modern day health movement. Raw cacao is found in a variety of forms, including ground power, cacao butter, and raw food bars, and it is created by cold-pressing cocoa beans that are unroasted.

This process allows the living enzymes found in cocoa to remain while removing the fat. Cacao differs from cocoa in that cocoa is roasted at high temperatures, and since roasting alters the molecular structure of the cocoa bean, this process lowers the overall nutritional value.

There are a variety of unique ways to add raw cacao to your diet. Try sprinkling it over fruit or adding it to your granola bars. You can even mix some in to your vanilla yogurt in order to add a tasty and healthy punch to your snack. Due to its numerous health benefits, raw cacao is in high demand. This food has been shown to reduce risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease while lowering blood pressure and insulin resistance.

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