Top 21 Most Annoying Hollywood Food Trends


2. Arctic Char

According to the National Restaurant Association in the U.S., non-traditional fish like the Arctic char are expected to be one of the trendiest health foods in the culinary forecast. USDA dietary guidelines recommend that Americans eat about eight ounces of seafood per week for optimal health, and an oily fish like the Arctic char is a great choice.

A member of the salmon family, this fish has high omega-3 fatty acid content and is a great source of protein. The fact that most Arctic char come from clean and sustainable farms also makes this fish a popular seafood selection, especially for environmentally-conscious Californians.

These healthy and earth-friendly fish are raised without added growth hormones, feed consisting of land-animal byproducts, or antibiotics. This means that not only are you eating a healthy and tasty fish, but it is also one of the purest options on the market. Arctic char can be broiled, grilled or baked, whichever you prefer.

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